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A Data Strategy Framework Actually Oriented To Business Needs

"Although information on enterprise data management is abundant, much of it is technical and focused on governance, best practices, tools, and the like. Few if any data-management frameworks are as business-focused as ours . . ."

Leandro DalleMule and Thomas H. Davenport

By Data Decisioning Staff | October 08, 2018


t could be a relief to stop thinking about machine learning and artificial intelligence -- at least for the time it takes to consider the "why" of any data management program.

In a 2017 article in Harvard Business Review (“What’s Your Data Strategy?”), Leandro DalleMule and Thomas Davenport propose a pioneering framework for a business-driven data strategy. This is a remarkable initiative because so much attention on data is only concerned with technology and analytics. Our approach at Data Decisioning is of course driven by our belief that data is all about better business decisions. So any approach that starts with business decision needs is starting from the right place.

See if you think DalleMule and Davenport have a framework you can use. Their rubric is about "data for defense" and "data for offense". (Interestingly, these two categories can be compared to guru Geoffrey Moore's focus on "systems of record" (SOR) and "systems of engagement" (SOE).) (2)

The original HBR article is well worth reviewing, even if only as validation for the idea that you can drive your data strategy from real business needs. 

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1.  “What’s Your Data Strategy?”, Harvard Business Review, 2017, Pages  112-121.

2.  “Systems of Engagement and The Future of Enterprise IT A Sea Change in Enterprise IT”, Geoffrey Moore, 2011, available on multiple URLs.

Oct. 8, 2018

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