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The Future of AI is Emotional: Discussing Artificial General Intelligence With Peter Fingar

Listen to my podcast with well-known futurist Peter Fingar. In the podcast we discuss his book, The Cognitive Internet of Everthing, where we cover Artificial General Intelligence, affective computing, common sense computing, and how it's not really the Internet of Things, it's the Internet of Everything. Give it a listen.

Transcript: Affective Computing and the AI Battle to Win Your Heart


[01:19] AI is likely to change our civilization more than any technology that's ever come before, even writing.

[06:49] If you take common sense, plus emotion, that takes us speeding along the road to what we call artificial general intelligence.

[7:06] With AGI companies will redefine themselves in as big a way as when, a long time ago, we first invented the notion of what today we call management.

[9:26] So while machines read our emotions now, or elicit emotions from us, in the very near future, they may have emotions of their own.

[13:35] The real power is going to come from you people in the middle of organizations.

Show Notes

  1. The Cognitive Internet of Everything: The questions in this podcast are based on the book by Peter Fingar which is available from Amazon right here.

Peter Schooff | Oct. 3, 2019