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There's No Such Thing As Perfect Data: Susan Walsh Details How to Keep Your Data Clean


isten to my podcast with Susan Walsh, the Classification Guru. In this podcast we discuss dirty vs. clean data: what dirty data is, the consequences of dirty data, how today's digital enterprise requires clean data, how to clean and maintain your data, how to properly classify your data, and what companies need to do if they don't think they have enough data. Give it a listen.

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[1:00] So at its most basic level, it's incorrect, and it's wrong. That is the simplest way to explain to someone off the street what dirty data is.

[2:58] I hate to break it to you, but there is no such thing as perfect data. It may be like that for a split second in time, but because it's a moving piece of machinery, it will always change. And there will always be something wrong.

[3:32] If you know there's an issue with that data, you have to start again from scratch because it's contaminated.

[5:41] It could just be that you think you don't have enough data because it's lacking detail, not because there's not enough data. And at that point, you might want to look at how much detail your inputting at the start of the process.

[8:12] If your business is in the same industry that it's always been then classifying your data—although there will be new suppliers and maybe new products (and you'll always have to account for those) and I would always suggest that they input manually initially, to make sure they're accurate—then any technology can take over and learn from that.

[9:56] Don't be scared of your data. The more you look at it, the more familiar you'll become with it.




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Susan Walsh

Susan Walsh (Twitter: @ClassificationG) is the founder of The Classification Guru, a specialist in data classification, supplier normalisation, taxonomy development and data cleansing. She brings clarity and accuracy to data and helps procurement and data teams to work more effectively and efficiently, find cost savings through spend and time management and support better, more informed business decisions, delivering a strong ROI.

Peter Schooff | March 3, 2020