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The Most Important Data Story Should Convince an Organization to Support Data Management: Scott Taylor Explains


isten to my podcast with Scott Taylor, the Data Whisperer and Principal Consultant of MetaMeta Consulting. In this podcast we discuss data storytelling: why it's important for data to tell a story, the state of data storytelling today, the "three Vs" of telling a good data story, the problems with data hygiene, how Data Management is different from Business Intelligence, and exactly how data storytelling impacts today's elevator pitch. Give it a listen.

Read the podcast transcript: The Two Types of Data Storytelling and Why Both Matter


[01:11] Data storytelling is the hottest non-technical thing going on in the data space today.

[01:52] We've got to tell stories about the data as well. Why is data important for an organization? Why should enterprise stake holders and business leadership even invest in the management of that data?

[05:00] The vision of your data strategy has got to be the vision of your company. 

[06:13] So hygiene I pick on because even though technically, it's correct. That does not capture the imagination of any business stakeholder. 

[07:31] If you don't have that data right, the analytics won't work.

[08:20] If you want to make that happen at scale, you've got to have that foundational data management in place first.

[09:24] Data management is determining the truth and business intelligence is deriving meaning. 

[10:26] The best way to tell a story to a CEO and I have done this live with plenty of leaders, whether they're C-level or some level, find out what they already say. They will tell you.

[11:29] The point of a story, at least in business, is to drive action. 




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Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor (@STDataWhisperer), The Data Whisperer, has helped countless companies “calm data down” by enlightening business executives to the strategic value of master data and proper data management. Scott focuses on business alignment and the “strategic WHY” rather than system implementation and the “technical HOW.” And he acts as Principal Consultant for MetaMeta Consulting – A Data Story Boutique.


An avid business evangelist and original thinker, Scott continually shares his passion for the strategic value of master data through industry events, public speaking opportunities, blogs, videos, whitepapers, podcasts, cartoons, puppets shows and all forms of thought leadership. He lives in Bridgeport, CT where he often kayaks in Black Rock harbor.  He can also juggle pins and blow a square bubble.

Peter Schooff | April 28, 2020