Big Data Quotes of the Week - Jan. 6, 2021

Doug Laney"Even the best and most reliable data points and metrics are meaningless unless they are somehow leveraged in decision-making."
Greg Siefkin - Material Handling & LogisticsUsing Data to Improve Supply Chain Operations

"We didn’t need hundreds of data points or dozens of data sources. We just needed the right set of data that was readily available ... The resulting data visualization easily identifies anomalies that can then be fed into scheduling preventative maintenance."
Patrick Bean - GE DigitalAnalytics That Engineers in Water Can Really Use

"Just as an unexamined life is not worth living, unanalyzed data is not worth having. Acting on data coming in from sensors, Internet of things installations, 5G connectivity, and other sources is key to a positive ROI of digital transformation investments. Acting quickly on this river of data means analyzing it quickly. That's where data streaming analysis comes in. Instead of working with the hours or days delay that comes with batch processing, real-time analysis enables decision making to happen in milliseconds."
Veronica Combs - TechRepublicStreaming data analysis puts the real in real-time

"Ask. Analyze. Act. Big Data, Strategic Decisions: Analysis to Action gives you the frameworks, tools, and confidence to ask the right questions, interpret the analysis, and use both to transform your data into strategic decisions. No technical or statistical expertise is required, just a desire to use data more effectively to make an impact on your organization - from marketing and operations to HR, supply chain, and business models."
Course Description (6 days in person, August 2021, $ 13,000 USD) - Stanford UniversityBig Data, Strategic Decisions: Analysis to Action

"Learn to contextualize numbers in their tangible meaning, effectively make arguments and communicate powerful insights by representing data, model real world phenomena and uncertain outcomes, and become a better decision-maker."
Core Curriculum Course Description - African Leadership University (ALU) Data and Decisions

"Once a differentiator of top-performing organizations, the ability to leverage a strong data and analytics program is now a necessity."
Holly Lyke-Ho-Gland - EHSTodaySetting Up Data and Analytics Teams to Drive Value

"Whereas BI studies historical data to guide business decision-making, business analytics is about looking forward. It uses data mining, modeling, and machine learning to answer 'why' something happened and to predict what might happen in the future."
Thor Olavsrud - CIO From IDGWhat is business analytics? Using data to predict business outcomes

"Companies that focus on the decision they want to improve before doing their analytic work are much more likely to succeed in operationalizing an analytic or data-driven approach."
James Taylor - Decision Management SolutionsDecision-Driven Data Analytics

"Underneath all of the clever mystery and sophisticated algorithms is a set of transistors implementing an IF-THEN decision ... Can we live with this? Do we have any choice? With the drumbeat for AI across all industries only getting louder, we must begin to learn to live with the following dark secrets of artificial intelligence."
Peter Wayner - CIO From IDG12 dark secrets of AI

"There are huge benefits to streaming live data, but for the moment, at least, this remains a fragmented and complex industry, but one that is on the leading edge of change."
Marc Ambasna-Jones - Computer Weekly | TechTarget - Get real: Live streaming analytics important to post-Covid growth, but not without good data

"Working with big data analytics and search correlations also throw a lot of false positives. To avoid this, we constantly work with experienced clinicians and fine tune it, thereby ensuring a higher degree of reliability."
Arvind Sivaramakrishnan - ETCIOHow Apollo Hospitals use data analytics for infection control surveillance

"While artificial intelligence seems to have eclipsed business intelligence in terms of importance, it's not a zero-sum game. The reality is that AI and BI are being mixed, matched and integrated quite a lot, providing a new frontier of innovation in the BI world."
Andrew Brust - ZDNetData-driven 2021: Predictions for a new year in data, analytics and AI

"While quantitative data analysis is all the rage right now, it's a huge mistake to only focus on that and forget about qualitative data. Your customers are humans and numbers can't tell you everything about humans."
Eric 'ERock' Christopher - EntrepreneurWhy Both Quantitative and Qualitative Data Are Vital for Results-Driven Businesses

"The number-one success factor for any data project is sustainable political will."
Traey Hatch - Solve | RackspaceData Analysis Requires a New Mindset. Here's How to Get There

"By 2022, cloud services will be essential for 90% of data and analytics innovation. Data and analytics leaders need to prioritise workloads that can exploit cloud capabilities and focus on cost optimisation and other benefits such as change and innovation acceleration when moving to the cloud."
Nishant Rathi - Analytics India Mag - Top Data Science & AI Trends To Watch Out For In 2021

"Companies are getting better at operationalizing their data science projects, Berthold said. A key part of that improvement can be linked to the recognition that the tools and techniques needed to develop good data science applications aren’t necessarily the same tools and techniques that are needed for putting those models into production."
Alex Woodie - datanami - The Maturation of Data Science

"The era of artisanal AI must give way to MLOps—the application of engineering discipline to automate ML model development, maintenance, and delivery—to shorten development life cycles and industrialize AI."
Deloitte - MLOps: Industrialized AI

"Fog computing is becoming mainstream; the window to gain and secure a market advantage is closing. If you’re not investing now in an architecture that allows distributed, integrated defense across core, cloud and edge, you will likely be behind your competitors in leveraging the power of fog computing."
Phil Quade - Forbes - It Was Fog That Produced The Compass: How Fog Computing Could Disrupt The Cyber-Physical Domain