Podcast: Part I of II
Transforming Digital Transformation: Didier Bonnet Updates the Digital Business Road Map

TPart 1 of 2o stay competitive in today's marketplace, digital transformation is an absolute must. But the path is fraught with mistakes and missteps, and many companies fail to realize tangible benefits. Learn how to transform your organization and seize the competitive edge for years to come from one of the pioneers of digital transformation and co-author of the 2014 book Leading Digital: Turning Technology into Business Transformation. In part 1 of this 2 part podcast, we discuss the key to achieving digital mastery, how companies should begin their digital efforts with a key challenge, the need (or lack thereof) for a chief digital officer, how decisions in the future will need to be data driven — and the rising importance of employee experience. Give it a listen!

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[04:46] "Going back and looking at the basics of digital transformation is really what I would encourage people to do, even if it means completely restarting your programs, which I've seen a number of companies doing."

[07:32] "I've read so many pieces saying if you don't have a chief digital officer it will never work. I don't believe that for a minute."

[08:09] "[However,] I think the CDO sometimes can be a great accelerator of a digital transformation because it provides a point of focus, it provides somebody who has the accountability to do something, which is one of the failure in some companies where no one is accountable."

[10:11] "Today we're in this kind of abundance of data, both structured and unstructured, and sometimes the unstructured data is as valuable if not more so than the structured data we have."

[11:49] "You can amass terabytes of data if you want — data is zero value in itself."

[12:08] "I used to work in telecommunications a long time and these guys built terabytes and terabytes of data farms and did the consumer experience improve even a percentage point? Probably not."

[12:35] "It's how do you make the connection, and how do you make those decisions reasonably easy through decision modeling, right?"

[12:48] "In order to really improve your decision making, you need to have the skills to do that. And in many organizations, the skill set is just not there."

[13:16] "So I think we're coming to a period where there are so many skill sets that are rare and extremely expensive, like machine learning expertise, for instance, that we've got to stop thinking that we need to hire all these people. We need to start thinking about how do we access all these people." 

[14:01] "And I think there's a market being created there for companies to some extent are going to be the outsourcers of decision science for other companies, which is extremely interesting."

[14:29] "The thing we missed at the time — we knew that people were important because it was a transformation, but we didn't know how important they were going to be."

[15:11] "We haven't seen structural unemployment even in the companies that have automated the most... Machines don't replace jobs, they replace tasks."

[15:54] "What you need to figure out is "what do I do with the spare capacity" that the machine allows me to liberate."

[19:18] "So we need to start living with a bunch of talents that are going to be on tap, on demand, that we need to access because they have very rare skills, but also because they don't want to be part of a formal structure."



Hacking Digital: Best Practices to Implement and Accelerate Your Business Transformation

Available September 28th, 2021

Digital transformation has become commonplace across public and private sector organizations, and yet most struggle to achieve tangible results from it. Many make avoidable mistakes or fall into simple traps along the way. Written by a team of global digital transformation thought leaders, Hacking Digital provides practical advice and information that you need to successfully transform your organization.



The New Elements of Digital Transformation

The authors revisit their landmark research and address how the competitive advantages offered by digital technology have evolved.




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Didier Bonnet

A globally recognized thought leader on digital transformation, Didier pioneered the concept of digital transformation over a decade ago and is co-author of the best-selling book “Leading Digital” described as the “source code” for understanding the DNA of successful digital transformation. His forthcoming new book “Hacking Digital” is focused on best-practice execution. Didier is a strategic thinker who blends in-depth research with deep business experience, having helped some of the world’s largest organizations transform into digital leaders. Didier is a Professor of Strategy and Digital Transformation at IMD Business School is Switzerland. 

A true global citizen, disruptive thinker and digital optimist, Didier believes that digital technologies will have a profound impact on individuals, business and society. Didier was a precursor in anticipating the scale, and the likely transformational impact of the digital revolution that is sweeping through our economies.

Didier helps boards of large organizations make the shift to the new digital economy. For the last ten years, he has also led a joint research collaboration with the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE), at the Sloan School of Management, focussed on researching the impact of digital technology on business and society. At IMD Business School, Didier teaches and advise on digital strategy and transformation to senior executives of large organizations both in open and custom programs. 

Didier started in high tech and strategy consulting, he was the Global Leader of the Telecom, Media & Entertainment practice at Gemini Consulting and Executive Vice President and Global Digital Transformation Leader at Capgemini Invent. He has more than 30 years' experience in strategy development, globalization, internet & digital economics as well as in business transformation for large multinational corporations. Didier was voted “Global Digital Leader of the Year 2018” by the CDO Conclave, in the “Top 20 Digital Transformation Leaders to Follow on Twitter in 2020” a “Top 5 Global Thought Leaders & Influencers on Digital disruption” by Thinkers 360 in 2021.

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